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Artist Statement

Tristan Louis Marsh (b. 1995) is a Los Angeles-based visual artist and designer. His practice is centered on sculptural furniture and lighting that derives its form from biological structures & naturally occurring phenomena. Marsh aims to create objects that have a co-equal status of being in their spaces alongside their living roommates. In this vein, he creates objects with “soul” through the use of rhythm, movement, and posture, with the goal of diminishing the hierarchy ascribed to objects as merely functional. Tristan is constantly experimenting with new methods of visual communication and the necessary tools for that development. Currently, he is focused on surface treatment, where he seeks to transform the base material into something unknowable, causing the viewer to pause and question the object’s substance and structure. Marsh’s practice is grounded in a harmonious amalgam of physical and digital processes, placing it at the intersection of technology and traditional craft—where machined parts and VR models are rarely end products, but rather steps in a process centered on the human hand and intuition.

Get in touch:
instagram:   tristanlouismarsh


phone:         +1 310.699.9227

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